Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thank You Prince

I don't know why but Prince just popped in my head. Maybe its because I am starving and Prince reminds me of a delicious buttermilk biscuit on a nice spring day. Anywho, I just want to say thank you Prince for you gave birth vaginally to Rihanna and she inherited your hair and clothes. And from Rihanna came the girls on Flatbush, Brooklyn with the short pointy gelled down hair. So basically all the Caribbean women in Brooklyn thank you.

Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife, Because I've Lost My Sanity

And this is why I pretty much hate life and everything in it. Can't find a Halloween costume? Well you can just go online and get yourself the Antoine Dodson costume, your troubles are over! Mind you the costume costs $24.99, no I am not joking. I refuse to buy this damn costume, I wear this damn outfit to bed every night! Really America? This is what we have come down to? I can't even get a Latarian Milton costume? Eff this.

Sidebar: Antoine's luxurious locks are not included as part of the costume.

In Who Cares News...

So you will probably fall asleep while reading this because I'm dozing off while writing this. Ciara and Keri Kilson (according to Willow Smith) went on U-Stream to try and garner some attention. No, actually they tried to diffuse the rumors of them beefing. Does anyone really care? Seriously ladies I care more about the opossum who terrorizes my backyard, I care more about the ponytail on the guy next to me's head, I care more about Kit Kit Busted Down as Fuck Stacks... you see where I'm going with this right. Ciara just go model and Keri you just go period!

WTF? Part Dos

Singer/Model/Poodle Teyana Taylor wore a Robin Jean's leather jacket at the premiere ok Kanye West's short film "Runaway". I bet that outfit costs in the hundreds and its barely even there. (Note to TT: I could've made that outfit for you for $50 and a hamburger).

Monday, October 18, 2010

I Whip My Wig Back and Forth

Willow Smith: 'Whip My Hair' Premieres Tonight!

Who's ready for the highly anticipated video from Willow Smith "Whip My Hair"? I damn sure am! So in honor I will be whipping my wigs all day! "I whip my wig back and forth!" Eff it I'll whip my real hair, wigs, tracks and all the braiding hair I have in my room! It better be worth it Willow Tree, my wigs don't whip for just anything

Pink Friday

Nicki released the cover for her debut album, Pink Friday, this past week. I have no negatives at all because the drag queen in me lovessssss this! I'm actually going to get the album, unless my broke ass only has enough for one then I'll have to get Kanye's album or Jay's Hits album...

Have You Seen Her?

This is like a really random post but, have you guys seen this girl in any video lately? Her name is Pasha and she was in Nelly's "Hot In Here" video. She was the main girl he danced with through the whole video. I watched the video recently and wondered whatever happened to my boo Pasha. I didn't want to post her pics up on milk cartons because its not 1959. So, I took to the milk cartons of today, The Internet! Please if she's been in any video recently let me know, so I can watch the video and workout for 5 mins then become disgusted with myself and eat a zebra cake!

Happy Birthday Ne-Yo

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUNTY!!! YOU BETTER WORK!!! Today is the gayest unicorn of them all's birthday today! Now Ne-Ne, I know that you are firmly stuck in the closet. But, I know you will work it today in said closet with your hooker heels fishnets and Gaga's wig!

Now work it out you gay little stylist you. And I hope you're having a girl so you can teach her how to twirl better than RuPaul at a Disco! (I love the nightlife, I love to boog-ay!)

Kim Kardashian In W Magazine

I remember when Kim Kardashian said that she regretted doing Playboy magazine. Do you? No? Well let me just go to Google really quickly brb... (2 mins later) OK I'm back ahem here's the quote she gave to Harper's Bazaar in April "I’m sorry I did Playboy. I was uncomfortable.", so Kimmy if you were so uncomfortable, why are you showing your saucer sized nippys in W magazine? (Nothing wrong with big nippys, they're much better looking). All you did in Playboy was a few stiff poses in clothes. Hunny, you're on W mag with NO CLOTHES ON (Trey the Gay Songz voice). And then you have the nerve to be covered in Unicorn sperm? Puh-leaze Kimmy #ICant with you in this magazine =(

BTW her boobs look GREAT! Nom Nom Nom!

Alicia Keys Gives Birth

Philanthropist, home wrecker, "actress", singer and piano maker lover to, Alicia Keys, gave birth to a boy this weekend with her husband Swizz Beatz. The baby's name is Egypt, now the above pic makes sense! See I'm not delusional! (I'm looking at you doctor). Now I'm happy for them (well Alicia really because Swizz has more kids than he has fingers) but, EGYPT? Seriously? Egypt. I can just picture him getting paper mache pyramids thrown at him during art class. Or maybe they named him Egypt because he'll inherit his dad's nose which is in the shape of a pyramid, Suffice to say that name is horrible! The only Egypts I've met are little hood booger girls, with baby gelled baby hairs, pink bo bos in their hair, hands on hip and wearing the color pink. Any who congrats to the light bright couple!

Welcome Back!

OK people (well the two of you who actually read this f*ckery) I'm back! For a limited time only things are really hectic right now... well not really, my short attention span kicks in which makes me get bored with this. But, since I'm in class just breathing in air I'll write somethings. And watch one of these assholes interrupt me right in the middle of everything! For nothing, those darn twat faces!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Alicia Keys and Sade

Can we say awesomness to this picture of eternally pregnant Alicia Keys and Sade last night? Sade your music might be boring but, you look amazing! Give me the secret please HUN-TY.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

David Hasselhoff Is Off!

I was rooting for him! The greatest gift to Germany, aka the tanned piece of beef jerky known as David Hasselhoff, was the first to go on DWTS last night. It wasn't the fact that David was probably drunk during his dance, it wasn't the fact that he smelled the alcohol in his partner's hair and tried to drink it, it was YOUR FAULT! Yes you America, you failed to vote for The Hoff and caused me to never witness his sloppy drunken dances again. DAMN YOU AMERICA!

Kanye On SNL

Guess what boys and girls... Kanye will be on SNL on October 2nd. Yayyyyy! I hope they do a skit where he's molesting Justina Bieber or snatching the curl out of Taylor Swifts hair. Pubes and all. He better give a crazy performance. Go Yeezy!

Kim or Cat Lady?


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kanye Shrug

I'm so busy with doing hoodrat stuff today, I have nothing to write. Just joking I have about 5 papers to write and I have to look for a new job and internship. So um yea I'll try to post if I can. #kanyeshrug

Monday, September 20, 2010

Did They or Didn't They?

Elle magazine has come under fire for allegedly lightning Precious actress Gabourey Sidibe's cover and also giving her a close-up shot while the other cover girls got full body shots (tee-hee body shots). The verdict is out on this one, as a photoshop expert, I know that someone can be lightened to that extent but, the lighting in the studio could also play a part.

If Elle wanted to photoshop something, they should've photoshopped that nappy,dry as wig! That wig is more thirsty than Precious after she ran with the chicken. Its more thirsty than Harriet Tubman walking in the hot desert sun while trying to get North. Its more thirsty than Pauly Ds hair, its more thirsty than... well you get the point. THE SHIT IS DRY!

All Hail the King and Queen

*Ahem ahem* I would like to announce that Queen Bey and King Jay have officially entered the Guinness Book of World Records as *drum roll* the years biggest Power Couple! The duo earned $122 million through the year 2009. Haters are you mad? Hahaha anywhoo, this will most likely not change anytime soon.
Gaga took the title of Most Searched female and Michael Jackson (shmon now) took the Most Searched Male. Congrats to all, see you in Guinness and Forbes in the future.

Can you guess who this 90s celebrity is? I damn sure can't, I think its Lil Kim not too sure. Um, yea this is awkward so check out Kim and her totally new and photoshopped face on the cover of Kontrol magazine. Hopefully she's talking about some new music and not Nicki Minaj. THE RAP GAME NEEDS KIM!

Justina Bieber Found A Future Job

If Justina Bieber's future in "music" ever dissolves, he always has a job as a Hooters waitress. Justina took this pic with her future co-workers after his band members stopped in. All Hooters is waiting for his Justina to outgrow her lesbo phase, grow some boobies and voila! He has a job as a big boobed waitress, speaking of which maybe I should fill out my application!

Katy Perry's Bachelorette Party

Ms Robyn Fenty threw celebrity BFF, Katy Perry, a bachelorette party this weekend. The party included a freaky deaky cake and a special Cirque du Soleil performance. Congrats Katy!

This cake looks like a fun time!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Glitter's Rant

In today's rant, I will be ranting about old people walking in the street. Here goes. Dear old people of NYC, GET THE FUCK OFF THE SIDEWALKS! Dammit I cannot take walking behind a group of these old bastards! What the hell are they doing out and about anyway? They should be home in the back room of their childrens' house awaiting the grim reaper. Its like you oldies make me late for everything! When I'm on my way to school, while I'm shopping, while I'm on line getting food. SHIT please do us a favor and stay home, these old bastards are worst than the tourists out here. I just can't, the next old person that slows me down is gonna get tripped right out of their thick soled shoes!

TI and Lindsay Are Positive.

The two biggest dumbasses ever, TI and Lindsay Lohan, have both tested positive for drugs. Funny thing both imbeciles have recently been released from prison and are supposed to be clean. Let me just grasp my mind around this, these two both know that if they tested positive it will be back to lockdown for them. There must be some good food or sex in those jails for these fools to risk going back there. I refuse to pay these two asswipes anymore attention, I hope they do get locked back up!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Nicole 'Coco' Austin gives Fashion Week a posterior peep show at New York Fashion Week.

I've never liked Ice-T's nor his wife CoCo, nothing personal I just don't. Now why the fuck would a fashion designer put this man Coco in a show? I refuse to mention the designer's name, seeing as how I'm major disgusted with this. Idc body is fine, but that face cannot be helped and should never be shown. Coco makes Serena Williams look like a tulip on a summer day as a hummingbird gently suckles the pollen out.

Sheesh her face is harder than that bite Mike Tyson gave to Holyfield's ear. I just can't with this man and his bitch ass husband.

In Pure Dumb Ass Fuckery News

So today was going well until I saw this MESS! What the hell is going on in these celebrities heads? As some of you may know Royce Reed, of Basketball Wives fame, has a child with NBA star Dwight Howard. That is the real reason why Royce is on the show, OK are you all caught up now? Good. Royce is not allowed to speak about Dwight in public at all. OK.  For every time his name is mentioned she has to pay $500 dollars to each person who viewed the content in which she said.

Now Dwight says that he has prove Royce leaked info to him about the media about 11 times, totaling to $500 million dollars she owes him. Um, *sigh* I can't, wtf? Where is Royce going to get 500 mil? She can't even afford to wear makeup! Dwight I'm going to need for your dumb ass to just let this go. Smh at this coonery.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Glitter's Rant

This will be my only post for the day, so I will make it a good one. No pics, no videos, only words to keep you entertained. So I was gonna post about the MTV VMAs but that ish was horrible! The only good thing was Kanye West that's it, not even Justina Bieber could spice it up with her radical drum playing. So here's my rant, DAMN YOU TAYLOR SWIFT! I am sick of people mentioning when she got the mic snatched by Kanye, come the hell on it was a frikken year ago. And you know what her ass deserved to get the mic snatched and someone should've did it last night during her performance. Her vocals were terrible, when Rihanna is more on point than you are live, you need to tuck away the curls and go the hell home. Damn you T-Swizzle for even singing about it, OK Kanye did also but at least it was entertaining! She was just a damn mess and why was she nominated for a song that came out damn near two years ago. MTV I quit with you and your love of this tall, chinky eyed, puffy cheeked, press and curled bitch. Seriously, the trick is like 30 years old in dog years and she gets handled as if she is a delicate Kleenex tissue stuffed inside of a 13 year old girl's bra.

On another note where the hell was Willow Smith to take Rihanna's place during The Angry Lesbian Eminem's performance?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The WTF Moment of the Week

In WTF news, Aretha Franklin wants Halle Berry to play her in a bio pic. YES I TYPED IT! Um Aretha, no doubt you are the Queen Diva but really HALLE? I say you have Gabourey Sidibe(Precious) in light makeup to play you. Halle Berry's coochie hair can't even play one of your wigs! One of your boobs in 1/3 of her ittie bitties. Come on Re-Re let us be real! #ICant

Camille Pagila Hates Lady Gaga

In her essay titled "What's Sex Got to Do With It?" Camille Pagila threw the biggest side-eye to Lady Gaga ever!

Song of The Day: VMA Edition

Queen Bey!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Snooki Tweets and Drives

Snooki got a special tweet from the mayor of Newark, NJ after she tweeted while driving through the city.

Jennifer Hudon Cover

How amazing does Jennifer Hudson look on the cover of Fashion magazine? #ThatIsAll

Who Is the Gay One?

It was announced that one of the guys on CW's hit series (and my personal fav) will be coming out in the 3rd season. 

Song of the Day


Friday, September 10, 2010

Jennifer Hudon's Nephew's Father

Don't blame me for the title, it was in the video. I am shocked and appalled by this video of Julian King's father.

I refuse to watch the whole thing because I hate disgusting people but, in it he accuses Jennifer of being a freemason and also tires to promote his music. SMDH! Just watch the video of this no neck having, poor man's Jazzy Pha, burnt crispy, squared ear coon!!!

VMA: Classic Perfomance

VMA: Amber Rose

With the VMAs being only 2 days away I figured let's show one of the best outfits to walk the red carpet in VMA history. Thank you Amber Rose, thank you.

Angelina Wants to Box With JWoww

In news that makes you roll your eyes and want to just go back to bed, Angelina, from Jersey Shore, has signed up for "celebrity boxing". BUT; that is not the worst part, she says she wants to fight Jenni aka JWoww. Should I even comment or just leave it alone? I'll go with the latter, if you want more info Google it. I Quit!

RIP Rich Cronin

Ok, this should've been posted the day it happened but I have been extra busy. On September 8, 2010 Rich Cronin (of LFO fame)  passed away from a stroke at the age of 35. I cried for about an hour, our boybanders aren't supposed to die they are supposed to two step forever. Cronin was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia in 2005. In the summer of 2010 his condition worsened. I just wanna say thank you for teaching me what Abercrombie and Fitch is, I like you also like Kevin Bacon but I hate footloose and chicken wings from the Chinese food store makes me sick. RIP I know you're telling the Man upstairs about The Girl On TV.

The death of Rich also reminded me of another boybander that passed away, QT from 2gether. RIP QT

Does Anyone Know About Rihanna's New Song?

Damn Willow Smith! Her song created so much buzz, people forgot about Rihanna's new single "Only Girl (In the World) which dropped the same day. The song is sounds like Rihanna went back to her "Good Girl Gone Bad" roots. I like the song. So look below and have a listen!

Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World)
Uploaded by etternus. - See the latest featured music videos.

Song of the Day

Go ahead Willow!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

DMX Speaks The Truth

DMX has said what A LOT of us has been thinking for a while now! That Plies has to be one of the worst rappers out now. I mean come on he is telling the truth! Only people that like Plies are young impressionable teens, people dumber than Kat Stacks and just plain dumb asses!

DMX said, I mean 'Bruh Bruh?' Serious? that has to be one of the worst. How do you even fix your mouth to say that or spell that? I am looking at how it's spelled."

X also stated that TI is his favorite rapper out right now. While I don't agree with TI, I do agree with Kirk Franklin Plies being a horrible rapper. He just needs to sit that wide mouth allllll the way down.

I feel like kissing DMX's beloved crack pipe for speaking THE TRUTH.

The I Can't Moment

The I Can't moment of the day, Derek J at Atlanta Gay Pride.

Perfect Smokey Eye

So, I'm not a makeup artist nor an expert. But, every time I search the Internet for a smokey eye tutorial I get complicated steps. The way I do my smokey eye is pretty simple. Liquid eyeliner, black and white eyeshadow! All I do is line my eyelids, top first, and quickly smudge with my pinky finger. Don't wait too long to do that seeing is how liquid liner dries after about 40 secs. Next I add the black eyeshadow and then white and slightly smudge that also. Simple right? And I get the same look that you see in the magazines, with half the steps.

Pee Pee Whiskey

In serious news, today while in class I had a craving for beer. So while perusing the Internet I found this article. James Gilpin has created whiskey made out of old people's urine! NO, I am dead serious, no really don't click off my page please. Not only is the whiskey made out of urine but, it is made out of Type II diabetics urine. What the hell, now I love a good strong alcoholic beverage but this is too much. I'm scared of old people and hate their scent so I refuse to drink that mess. How does he make it you ask? Well what Mr. Gilpin does is collect urine from volunteers, purifies it, then adds whiskey blends in it. The liquid is not sold currently  but it is being given away for free at a design show. I literally have no words for this but ewwwww! I would not try this. OK, I'm lying if I was already drunk,trust and believe,I would swallow this harder than Kat Stacks at a Young Money studio session.

Beyonce's Birthday Gifts

Lady Gaga has bought Queen Beyonce and "inneresting" B-day gift, a studded whip and the lingere to match. Ow ow owwwwwww I'm sure Jay-Z is now Gaga's best friend. Speaking of Jay, rumor has it that he bought Bey either a yacht or an island for her birthday. Sure is nice to be the queen!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Freddie Mercury in Video

One of Queen's best and most loved videos "I Want To Break Free"

"We Will Rock You"

One of my favs "Radio Gaga"

And lastly my fav "Bicycle Race"

Happy Birthday Freddie Mercury

Today would've been the 64th birthday of one of the best musicians ever to grace this Earth. Freddie Mercury (born Farrokh Bulsara) was a legend, a God and an all around amazing person. Together with Brian May , John Deacon and Roger Taylor one of the most influential and revered bands were formed. You might not know who they are but, you know a song by them. Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" contained a sample of the hit "Another One Bites the Dust" When at a sporting event you sing along to "We Are the Champions" or "We Will Rock You". Mr. Mercury has influenced the likes of Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga.

Freddie lived a fast life of women, men, alcohol and drugs. Unfortunately that hard rock star life caught up to him. In his last days it was suspected that the English rock star had AIDS, but he never addressed the rumors. Mercury announced his illness on November 23rd 1991 and on November 24th 1991 he died from complications due to AIDS.

I just want to say thank you Freddie Mercury for giving me life and inspiration. I watch your videos and interviews and I want to touch the world the way you did. You will forever be remembered.

Song of The Day

One of the best songs ever made, by one of the greatest bands in the world. Happy birthday Freddie Mercury. RIP

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Queen Bey!

Queen Bey with my idol Kimora Lee Simmons

Bey And Solo as chirruens

Happy Birthday To the Queen!

Happy 29th birthday to the diva of our generation, QUEEN BEYONCE! Bey makes all your favorite artist cower and bow in fear of her amazing stiletto. Now all my girls and gays, gather your leotards and sparkle your way through the "Single Ladies" dance!!! Enjoy your birthday Queen Bey!

Song of The Day


Friday, September 3, 2010

The Hotness That Is Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has posed for the cover of the Hong Kong magazine, Prestige."This might be one of my most risque covers to date!" says Kim. I won't say that the photo is risque seeing as how its pretty much Ne-Yo's nightly ritual to be breathed on by two naked men. But, those guys do look hot and Kimmy looks like she did in the sex tape, pretty but boring.

Glitter's Rant

OK we get it! Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock, he cheated on SANDRA not the whole damn world. Yes Jesse James was in the running with Tiger Woods for the biggest STD in the world. Yes, Jesse James probably has Hitler memorabilia plastered all over his room like a 13 year old girl. But no one has the right to be mad at Kat Von D for dating him, or at Jesse for moving on. WTF was he supposed to do, mourn over the loss of Sandra? He obviously didn't appreciate her when they were together! So get off their backs, if he cheats on Kat that will be all her fault! She is not parading him, she is not throwing him in Sandra's face so get off it. Sandra has a new beautiful son to take care of, do I doubt she's sitting home Jennifer Aniston style (with her dogs and Golden Girls cheesecake) crying. So everybody calm the hell down, people love, people cheat and people move the hell on!!! *Ahem* That is all!

Lloyd Cuts His Hair

Sammy Davis Jr aka Lloyd has FINALLY gotten the memo and cut of his hair. Well I shouldn't dog him out too bad, seeing as how it was for locks of love and his braids looked nothing like Trey Songz nappy roots. Now Sammy shuck and jive your ass in the booth and make mediocre music.