Tuesday, September 7, 2010

DMX Speaks The Truth

DMX has said what A LOT of us has been thinking for a while now! That Plies has to be one of the worst rappers out now. I mean come on he is telling the truth! Only people that like Plies are young impressionable teens, people dumber than Kat Stacks and just plain dumb asses!

DMX said, I mean 'Bruh Bruh?' Serious? that has to be one of the worst. How do you even fix your mouth to say that or spell that? I am looking at how it's spelled."

X also stated that TI is his favorite rapper out right now. While I don't agree with TI, I do agree with Kirk Franklin Plies being a horrible rapper. He just needs to sit that wide mouth allllll the way down.

I feel like kissing DMX's beloved crack pipe for speaking THE TRUTH.

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