Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thank You Prince

I don't know why but Prince just popped in my head. Maybe its because I am starving and Prince reminds me of a delicious buttermilk biscuit on a nice spring day. Anywho, I just want to say thank you Prince for you gave birth vaginally to Rihanna and she inherited your hair and clothes. And from Rihanna came the girls on Flatbush, Brooklyn with the short pointy gelled down hair. So basically all the Caribbean women in Brooklyn thank you.

Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife, Because I've Lost My Sanity

And this is why I pretty much hate life and everything in it. Can't find a Halloween costume? Well you can just go online and get yourself the Antoine Dodson costume, your troubles are over! Mind you the costume costs $24.99, no I am not joking. I refuse to buy this damn costume, I wear this damn outfit to bed every night! Really America? This is what we have come down to? I can't even get a Latarian Milton costume? Eff this.

Sidebar: Antoine's luxurious locks are not included as part of the costume.

In Who Cares News...

So you will probably fall asleep while reading this because I'm dozing off while writing this. Ciara and Keri Kilson (according to Willow Smith) went on U-Stream to try and garner some attention. No, actually they tried to diffuse the rumors of them beefing. Does anyone really care? Seriously ladies I care more about the opossum who terrorizes my backyard, I care more about the ponytail on the guy next to me's head, I care more about Kit Kit Busted Down as Fuck Stacks... you see where I'm going with this right. Ciara just go model and Keri you just go period!

WTF? Part Dos

Singer/Model/Poodle Teyana Taylor wore a Robin Jean's leather jacket at the premiere ok Kanye West's short film "Runaway". I bet that outfit costs in the hundreds and its barely even there. (Note to TT: I could've made that outfit for you for $50 and a hamburger).

Monday, October 18, 2010

I Whip My Wig Back and Forth

Willow Smith: 'Whip My Hair' Premieres Tonight!

Who's ready for the highly anticipated video from Willow Smith "Whip My Hair"? I damn sure am! So in honor I will be whipping my wigs all day! "I whip my wig back and forth!" Eff it I'll whip my real hair, wigs, tracks and all the braiding hair I have in my room! It better be worth it Willow Tree, my wigs don't whip for just anything

Pink Friday

Nicki released the cover for her debut album, Pink Friday, this past week. I have no negatives at all because the drag queen in me lovessssss this! I'm actually going to get the album, unless my broke ass only has enough for one then I'll have to get Kanye's album or Jay's Hits album...

Have You Seen Her?

This is like a really random post but, have you guys seen this girl in any video lately? Her name is Pasha and she was in Nelly's "Hot In Here" video. She was the main girl he danced with through the whole video. I watched the video recently and wondered whatever happened to my boo Pasha. I didn't want to post her pics up on milk cartons because its not 1959. So, I took to the milk cartons of today, The Internet! Please if she's been in any video recently let me know, so I can watch the video and workout for 5 mins then become disgusted with myself and eat a zebra cake!

Happy Birthday Ne-Yo

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUNTY!!! YOU BETTER WORK!!! Today is the gayest unicorn of them all's birthday today! Now Ne-Ne, I know that you are firmly stuck in the closet. But, I know you will work it today in said closet with your hooker heels fishnets and Gaga's wig!

Now work it out you gay little stylist you. And I hope you're having a girl so you can teach her how to twirl better than RuPaul at a Disco! (I love the nightlife, I love to boog-ay!)

Kim Kardashian In W Magazine

I remember when Kim Kardashian said that she regretted doing Playboy magazine. Do you? No? Well let me just go to Google really quickly brb... (2 mins later) OK I'm back ahem here's the quote she gave to Harper's Bazaar in April "I’m sorry I did Playboy. I was uncomfortable.", so Kimmy if you were so uncomfortable, why are you showing your saucer sized nippys in W magazine? (Nothing wrong with big nippys, they're much better looking). All you did in Playboy was a few stiff poses in clothes. Hunny, you're on W mag with NO CLOTHES ON (Trey the Gay Songz voice). And then you have the nerve to be covered in Unicorn sperm? Puh-leaze Kimmy #ICant with you in this magazine =(

BTW her boobs look GREAT! Nom Nom Nom!

Alicia Keys Gives Birth

Philanthropist, home wrecker, "actress", singer and piano maker lover to, Alicia Keys, gave birth to a boy this weekend with her husband Swizz Beatz. The baby's name is Egypt, now the above pic makes sense! See I'm not delusional! (I'm looking at you doctor). Now I'm happy for them (well Alicia really because Swizz has more kids than he has fingers) but, EGYPT? Seriously? Egypt. I can just picture him getting paper mache pyramids thrown at him during art class. Or maybe they named him Egypt because he'll inherit his dad's nose which is in the shape of a pyramid, Suffice to say that name is horrible! The only Egypts I've met are little hood booger girls, with baby gelled baby hairs, pink bo bos in their hair, hands on hip and wearing the color pink. Any who congrats to the light bright couple!

Welcome Back!

OK people (well the two of you who actually read this f*ckery) I'm back! For a limited time only things are really hectic right now... well not really, my short attention span kicks in which makes me get bored with this. But, since I'm in class just breathing in air I'll write somethings. And watch one of these assholes interrupt me right in the middle of everything! For nothing, those darn twat faces!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Alicia Keys and Sade

Can we say awesomness to this picture of eternally pregnant Alicia Keys and Sade last night? Sade your music might be boring but, you look amazing! Give me the secret please HUN-TY.