Thursday, September 16, 2010

In Pure Dumb Ass Fuckery News

So today was going well until I saw this MESS! What the hell is going on in these celebrities heads? As some of you may know Royce Reed, of Basketball Wives fame, has a child with NBA star Dwight Howard. That is the real reason why Royce is on the show, OK are you all caught up now? Good. Royce is not allowed to speak about Dwight in public at all. OK.  For every time his name is mentioned she has to pay $500 dollars to each person who viewed the content in which she said.

Now Dwight says that he has prove Royce leaked info to him about the media about 11 times, totaling to $500 million dollars she owes him. Um, *sigh* I can't, wtf? Where is Royce going to get 500 mil? She can't even afford to wear makeup! Dwight I'm going to need for your dumb ass to just let this go. Smh at this coonery.

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