Monday, September 13, 2010

Glitter's Rant

This will be my only post for the day, so I will make it a good one. No pics, no videos, only words to keep you entertained. So I was gonna post about the MTV VMAs but that ish was horrible! The only good thing was Kanye West that's it, not even Justina Bieber could spice it up with her radical drum playing. So here's my rant, DAMN YOU TAYLOR SWIFT! I am sick of people mentioning when she got the mic snatched by Kanye, come the hell on it was a frikken year ago. And you know what her ass deserved to get the mic snatched and someone should've did it last night during her performance. Her vocals were terrible, when Rihanna is more on point than you are live, you need to tuck away the curls and go the hell home. Damn you T-Swizzle for even singing about it, OK Kanye did also but at least it was entertaining! She was just a damn mess and why was she nominated for a song that came out damn near two years ago. MTV I quit with you and your love of this tall, chinky eyed, puffy cheeked, press and curled bitch. Seriously, the trick is like 30 years old in dog years and she gets handled as if she is a delicate Kleenex tissue stuffed inside of a 13 year old girl's bra.

On another note where the hell was Willow Smith to take Rihanna's place during The Angry Lesbian Eminem's performance?

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