Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pee Pee Whiskey

In serious news, today while in class I had a craving for beer. So while perusing the Internet I found this article. James Gilpin has created whiskey made out of old people's urine! NO, I am dead serious, no really don't click off my page please. Not only is the whiskey made out of urine but, it is made out of Type II diabetics urine. What the hell, now I love a good strong alcoholic beverage but this is too much. I'm scared of old people and hate their scent so I refuse to drink that mess. How does he make it you ask? Well what Mr. Gilpin does is collect urine from volunteers, purifies it, then adds whiskey blends in it. The liquid is not sold currently  but it is being given away for free at a design show. I literally have no words for this but ewwwww! I would not try this. OK, I'm lying if I was already drunk,trust and believe,I would swallow this harder than Kat Stacks at a Young Money studio session.

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