Friday, August 27, 2010

UPDATED: Glitter's Rant

Ok so I wasn't going to comment on this cunt but, I could not hold it in anymore. Kat the dumb ass Stacks, why is she relevant? Oh yeah because these dumb ass "rappers" keeping fucking her. I mean why? You might as well sleep with that German pop star who intentionally gave men the HIV virus. Kat is not even remotely cute, her nose is huge, her wig looks like it was made in Crackhead Town and her voice is annoying as fuck.

Where the hell is Superhead when you need her? At least SuperSucker dealt with high powered men and actually got stuff out of it. And I do not for one second believe that was Soulja Boy's coke. Do you not see the nose on this trick? She just inhaled, wherever the hell she is, and her nostrils sucked up one of my false eyelashes! 

I don't condone suicide but, I am ready to hand this girl a gun, a rope, a razor and some pills and tell her to choose one. Anywho this will be the last time she is spoken about, unless she gets slapped up again.

UPDATE: Someone told me to check out what they wrote about Kat Stacks Click Here. #ICant


  1. Sweety I'm gonna need u to post how this broke slut asks her fans for $! I posted the story on and on twitter...check my twitpics...for example http://twitpic/photos/browngyalyen

  2. @Yendi thanks I updated it smh at this thing. Thanks btw