Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kimora Leaves BabyPhat

Kimora Lee Hounsou has announced her decision to step down after fourteen years from the clothing brand BabyPhat. Mrs. Hounsou says she wants to focus on her other endeavors hence her leaving BP. Other sources say the company which BP is under, Kellwood, fired Kimora because she was a financial liability. Sources say she would take fees for her and her adorable daughters for appearing in ads. Also airbrushing her was getting to be too much seeing as how Kimora is a size 10. *Ahem* mini rant: SO WHAT, if Kimora took fees she was the one who built the brand and earned millions for that company. Baby Phat will sink without Kimora, yes i said it even though baby phat been sank. Also, size 10 was mentioning her size really necessary? Come on!

Look how big Kenzo has gotten! HOW CUTE!

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  1. i mean kimora IS Babyphat! y complain